NOT A PIPE – Some sort of furniture

Borrowing from Magritte, this piece was originally titled, “This is not a pipe, nor a dining set”. “Not a pipe” looks like a dining set, created in proper scale, but exists only in negative space. 

“Not a pipe” is not in the same category with the Magritte’s painting, because it is not a two-dimensional image.  We may consider it as a zero or three-dimensional object. The zero dimension being the dining set, which doesn’t really exist; even though it is the first thing our eyes see. The three-dimensional object may be considered furniture, but not a dining set, though it could be used for dining purposes but perhaps better suited as a countertop, storage or just food for thought.  


Materials: Plywood, wood glue, nails, screws, white paint. 

Dimensions: 84”x48”x16”